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用心创造 控制台定制专家

公司简介 Company Brief

Anlps is an innovative, progressive and energetic company, a professional manufacturer in China specialized in customized Control Center Solutions.

Human ergonomics and the principles of engineering materials at the console design & production process have been skillfully applied to achieve the real "people-centered." And Anlps introduced virtual reality(VR) technology into the presentation of consoles’ panoramic effect. Which was initiated in this industry.

Anlps is committed to providing customers with the optimization designs and products to maintain the ‘First-class technology, first-class product, first-class service, first-class brand.’

Product quality commitment


Morden Design 控制台方案设计

Modern design


Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself. Anlps’ designers do drive innovation and business strategy. They use their skills to interface with complex, “wicked” problems to instigate communication, foster collaboration, and spur action. And will bring you refreshing visual experience.

Rich functionality

  • 丰富的功能

    On the basis of artistic overall layout, Anlps has the function of power & information interface management, ventilation management, cable management which can help you end the cable chaos, and storage management help to free up space. Lifting desktop has been ergonomically designed to enhance the health and

Modular structure


Modular structures make this instrument realize the most rational combination in different applied fields & conditions and a higher ratio of performance to price. The modular structures of all the units can shorten the installation period and make it convenient to install, dismount and repair.

Multi-scheme layout

  • 多方案布局

    Multi-scheme layouts and multi-combination of functional accessories meet customers’ different demands. Single high, double high and side by side options of displays are available for both Slatwall?and Desktop Mounted Systems,also which do offer a variety of choices to different

Production process

  • 生产工艺

    Over 10 years of combined experience in this industry, our technical team integrates a wide variety of skill sets, experience, and education into the work we do in finding the best, most holistic solutions for our customers.

    To ensure that raw material selection, production process will result in finished product that is safe, is legal, and meets the industry standards as well as specifications outlined by R&D.The raw materials, production process and other aspects are strictly under control.

    30-plus excellent designers and R&D staff who have rich experience in the Mechanical structure design and production process including sealing, waterproof, electromagnetic compatibility, system heat dissipation etc. And both the processing technology, surface treatment technology are keeping ahead in this industry.

Multimedia interactive exhibition hall

Shadow with the heart to meet the future

Don't forget the heart, keep the ingenuity, the company since its inception, always adhere to the "customer service service employee service society" concept of development, adhere to create first-class production enterprises, to achieve China from production to the process of creating China.

If our virtual reality(VR) technology gives you consoles’ panoramic effect, then the exhibition hall will bring you to touch and feel the real product’s durable construction, ergonomic design and exquisite craftsmanship directly. we improve the process flows, strengthen the process control,

Anlps Brief 安贝斯文化

Anlps takes active part in charity, and the process of participating in public welfare inspire our higher moral standard, individual potential and sense of responsibility.
Charity——Starts small and start from me.