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What can the console be divided into according to the material and the use?

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console is also known as the monitoring station, the operating table, the monitoring table, the monitoring table and so on. It is suitable for many places, such as community security room, building monitoring room, street monitoring room, school monitoring room, factory monitoring room and so on. The console is very common in daily life, because it is very practical. RiL安贝斯控制台厂家

can be divided into a toughened glass console, a stainless steel console, a liquid crystal console, and a wooden console, according to the different material. According to different uses, it can be divided into: aseptic console, piano control console, laboratory console, flat console, etc. The variety of the console, sometimes it will bring trouble to people, do not know which kind of choice. Take a flat console as an example to introduce some related knowledge. The flat panel console is made of rigid wood. If there is a burr on its surface, clear it in time. When installing the accessories of the flat panel, it is necessary to ensure that they are firm and smooth, and there is no cracks or loosening in the joint. Its overall design should follow the principles of ergonomics and should be coordinated with the TV wall. RiL安贝斯控制台厂家

安贝斯控制台定制专家 -

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